Health Care

The business requirements of ERP software in the healthcare industry are in high demand. To upgrade the accessibility and quality of patient care, healthcare institutions clients are investing in ERP system across the globe. They are hard-pressed to achieve twin objective: quality patient care and significant cost reduction. With numerous breakthrough discoveries in healthcare, it is one of the fastest developing domain. For making this growth more easy and technological ways there has become a tremendous rise for digital marketing, mobile & wireless products. Many advanced features like touchscreen, GPS,

WIFI, Video streaming, etc. with innovative operating systems for eg. Android & open source has gained significant popularity to capture market share.

Our team of experts develop various modules & enables users to schedule appointments, take patient demographics, keeping health records for an individual patient. These records are shared and accessed digitally and easy through our specially designed Apps and portals.

Some of the basic Advantages of Hospital Management System are:-

Electronic medical records that help healthcare client’s remote access to crucial reports & database. ERP solution provides crucial patient data across multiple systems.

  • We provide less operational cost with efficient processes by bringing all the functions like accounts, human resource, and finance under one common database.
  • Reduction of errors caused by handwriting, in transcription, the duplicity of information and helpful in maintaining continuity in patient care.
  • Beebo’s team streamline Healthcare Processes by integrating basic services modules such as patient registration, managing electronic medical records, radiology department, OPD and emergency in the quick and easy way.
  • Helpful in overall growth and development of the hospital.